We interact more and more with our surroundings. With our home, with the products we use and
even with the cloud(s). Within this (urban) development, nature has moved to the background.
Research has proven that besides all other benefits nature brings, seeing nature; is still having
a positive effect on our wellbeing. The same can be sad for light. Artificial or not; light brings
safety and has an positive influence on our rhythm. With Lumigrass we are trying to bring these
positive influences into one experience: Lumigrass.  
Lumigrass is an artificial grass turf that looks ordinary when switched off. But when switched on
the grass starts to glow and interact with the people on top of it. Multiple sensors for pressure
and human touch are integrated in the grass and a full RGB spectrum is available for
Lumigrass is autonomous and can interact standalone with
people. But interacting with other people true Lumigrass is one of the base principles we have
designed Lumigrass on. So external controlling of the grass true a DMX protocol
is one of the options that are possible. And who doesn’t like to play games outside with friends? Lumigrass has
multiple software modus you and your friends can enjoy! For a full technical overview have a look at our
technological capabilities page.

Technological capabilities

Stukjes daan

About us

We are Luminary. A light design and innovation startup based in the Netherlands. We like to experiment with new technologies and look how we can implement them into our daily lives. Luminary consists of Emile Arnold and Daan Beusink. Our first product “Lumigrass” has grown into a real working prototype which is displayed at this site.  


Would you like to be part of the Lumigrass experience or do you like to buy Lumigrass in the near future? Send us an Email!